Times Square is about to get a new 46-story tower that is basically a giant LED billboard on one side

Times Square is about to get a new 46-story tower that is basically a giant LED billboard on one side

Contractors have started work on a project that will light up New York’s Times Square even more.

380,000 pedestrians walking through it each day.

“The whole building is essentially (an advertising) sign, and the side that is facing Times Square is a single sign comprised of LEDs into the building itself that runs up the entire 46-story building,” he said in an email to CNBC.

Now that preparation for the demolition of the hotel is under way, executives are at work finding an advertiser that will help it recoup some of the $2.5 billion it has raised for the new building, set to open in early 2022. And it has hired Andrew Essex, a former ad exec and CEO of the Tribeca Film Festival, to negotiate a deal with a single customer to advertise on the behemoth, including the naming rights to the building, the retail and entertainment spaces and the billboards.

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